We breed the legendary Horses of the Gauchos, the Cowboys of Latin America:

For good horses, there are no borders. We are one of the first and the largest Criollo breeders in Germany. When we founded our breeding, we did this with the ambition to become one of the best German Criollo breeders. With our magnificent black breeding stallion Negro Nostalgioso, we were in the position, to realize our goal. Negro Nostalgioso is a magnificent black stallion with a white blaze, four white boots and a beautiful long mane and tail. 2001 he was winner of the stallion performance test in Munich. He is registered in the stallion book of the special breed of the Bavarian Association. He had a solid and muscular foundation, an Iberian scheduled neck, an outstanding balance combined with harmonic motion. His character is fine and his social behavior to his mares and foals is excellent. He has innate cow sense. He inherited his correctness in building and motor activity, a great and noble mind, character and chic, best movements and high readiness for performance. Customers confirmed this. His foals were awarded with top ratings.